Saturday, August 21, 2010

Did you know??

Did you know that some grocery stores have policies that if an item scans up as the wrong price they will give it to you for FREE?  Check with your local grocer on their policies.  One grocery store in particular - Albertsons in my area posts has this policy printed on the check out ledge.  I always ask my cashier to wait until I have loaded my groceries to start scanning them so I can assure they ring up the right price. 

If you have to be an ADVOCATE for yourself!!  There have been times when something rang up the wrong price and the cashier re- keyed the correct price. After pointing out the policy that was written right in front of me she gave me the item for free per policy.  Sometimes I think the cashiers are just not well-trained or maybe simply forget.

Honestly, I used to feel guilty saying something about the policy - but soon realized if the grocer did not want anyone to know about the policy why would they put it clearly for all customers to see.  So I no longer feel bad reminding the cashiers of their store's policy!

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