Sunday, August 22, 2010

Listia - get FREE stuff!!

I came across a new (well to me new!) totally free auction site Listia!! I am really excited because it looks super cool!!  Everything on Listia is free!! I am not kidding.  You bid on things by credits you earn from selling things!  The best thing about it is you receive free credits just for registering.  I just signed up and got 350 free credits!!  There is some cool stuff - I just bid on a Starbucks gift card!  Check it out!! Also a great way to be green!


  1. Go to the website or checkout the YouTube video below!!

  2. very cool website...i received 410 credits for registering! i am currently bidding on a few items...a fun way to "buy" free stuff!!! i definitely recommend trying it out it's free and easy to use!!! thank you for posting this link and i hope you win your starbucks card!!!

  3. That's awesome! I think it's a really cool concept. Once we get settled I am planning to put a bunch of stuff on there and earn some more credits!