Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Where do you find your coupons??

Ever wonder how these coupons gurus go shopping at the grocery store and walk away spending $.01 for $200 worth of groceries?  I believe it starts with the coupons and then matching sales.  I am a grocery gamer and even utilizing these lists I typically save between 30-60% on my grocery tips.  So please share!! Post a comment on where you find your coupons! 


  1. I get coupons from the following places:

    Sunday Inserts
    smartsource machines in the grocery store
    peelies (off items at the store)
    manufactures websites such as kraftfoods
    inside packages of foods

    Where do you get yours??

  2. Another great place to find awesome coupons is in the All YOU Magazine. I LOVE this magazine because it has tons of great savings ideas and super coupons. I usually end up buying two copies because the coupons are so great! This month's magazine has $94.50 worth of coupons in it! You can purchase this magazine at your local Wal-mart.