Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Mailbox Adventures

I am starting a new daily post about my adventures to the mailbox!  Lately, I have been quite excited to get my mail because I have been getting a bunch of free stuff; samples, coupons, etc.  It gives me quaint remembrances of being overseas in Kuwait and being so excited to have "Mail Call" and get a piece of mail/package from family/friends! From this point on I will share with you my Adventures to the Mailbox.  If I don't have any freebies or great stuff to share I will give you tips and suggestions on how to fill your mailbox with goodies instead of bills and junk mail!

Today was a rather light day, however I did receive a free sample of Crest with Scope Toothpaste today from Walmart.com. These are great to take on trips or send with your child on an overnight slumber party. 

 5 Facts about my mailbox:

1 - I have to drive or walk up and down 3 big hills (yes both ways) to get to it!
2 - My mailbox requires a key for entry
3 - My postal people are not your traditional postal workers, rather a couple of young adults with ipods in a station wagon with flashing lights
4 - If you miss the turn to the road to my mailbox you will find yourself at the bottom of a large ravine
5- My mailbox comes equipped with a trash can to dispose of junk mail (today it was 3/4 full)

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