Friday, October 22, 2010

My new adventure with Scentsy!!

If you are wondering where I have been the past couple days I have been busily preparing for the launch of my new Scentsy business.  This weekend will be my first opportunity to promote my new business locally!! I am super excited and a bit nervous at the same time!  I will attending Halloween in the Garden at Annemarie Gardens in Dowell, MD from 11-2 pm Saturday Oct. 23rd.  I am super excited because the weather is supposed to be beautiful!  I hate to say I kinda threw everything together but that's pretty much what I did!  I signed up with Scentsy on Wed and starting out with a bang on Sat!  A super big thanks to my sister Laura in Iowa who has been sooo supportive in getting me some products and other promotional items!!  I am crossing my fingers they arrive today!!!!

My little business partner (Cade) will be at the booth with me helping pass out candy from what I understand may be upwards to 2000 kids!!  This is a Halloween trick-or-treat event so we will be dressing up too!!  Originally we had decided to be greek warriors (he a spartan and I Athena) but after a trip to the Halloween store we opted to come up with our own costumes which ends up helping promote a new line of Scentsy warmers too! Can you guess what we are going to be??  Stay tuned I will be posting many more pictures as I want to document the start to this new venture! 

If you plan on attending come by and say Hi! We'd love to share our "Scents"!!  Also, check out my link on my blog (upper right corner) to go directly to my Scentsy website. I believe they are doing maintenance on the site today and tomorrow but the site should be available on Sunday! 

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